Gasuco Zero – English

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A cardgame with multiple choice questions, discussions and words to be put in a context about energy and sustainable development. With a playing time of only 40 minutes, from the age 15 and up. This is truly a brilliant game!

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Product description

Gasuco stands for ”Gaming in Sustainability through Communication” and Gasuco Zero is played in only 40 minutes making it suitable for a workshop, a lecture or just a fire starter in discussions about sustainability.

Players start with three cards on hand and discard them by finding cards on the table in matching colors. Through the cards the players answer questions and discuss sustainability issues together. But be aware, if other players are looking for the same colors the cards can be stolen!

For those who enjoy card games as well as learning games Gasuco Zero is a whole new experience. A good memory doesn’t hurt when wild cards quickly can change the conditions of the game.

Contains 40 multiple choice questions, 20 discussions, wild cards, answer cards and rule cards. Made of FSC-approved materials.

It is currently the only game Gasuco has available in English and it is ideal for high school, college and universities.

Gasuco Zero has been used on workshops*. Here are some of the comments

  • ”So far it is the best technique to communicate sustainable issues I ever met”
  • ”I think the game should be widely promoted because it is a very good informative and fun way of learning Sustainable Development”
  • ”It stimulates discussions and sharing of experiences – should be used in schools. A very interactive game”

* Survey responses of workshops in a SIDA-funded ITP course, given by Life Academy and the Royal Institute of Technology (in 2015).


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