Gasuco Boardgame – English

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Gasuco stands for Gaming in Sustainability through Communication and in this boardgame players are challenged to answer questions, explain concepts and lead discussions on time, all connected to sustainable development. Playing time around 50 minutes, from the ages 15 and up.

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Product description

Questions are answered, concepts explained and discussions led on time. Cards can be both traded and stolen so try to keep in mind who your friends are. Knowledge is shared and opinions can shift as the game goes on.

The game is currently used at a great number of schools (highschools and univerities) and workshops in Sweden and other countries. Gasuco is fun, quick to play and always up to date. Recommended for players from the age 15 and up.

Contains 5 gameplates, 160 questions, 60 discussions, 40 opportunitycards, gamerules and a 3 min hourglass. Made from FSC approved materials.

Gasuco is used in workshops*. Here are some comments:

  • It is useful from the ages 15 and on. It is a way for educating the future generations”.
  • It is an active way of getting people involved in the discussion instead of just passive listening”.
  • It is great for stimulating thought and knowledge

*Surveyresponses from a workshop in a SIDA funded ITP course, given by Life Academy and the Royal Institute of Technology during 2013-2015. (SIDA is the Swedish International Development Agency, and their ITP Courses, International Training Program are held three times a year with a wide range of international participants).



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